Learn to find your way around a terminal on Linux and about some of the most important tools available from the command line.

The Linux operating system (OS) has been around since 1971 when it was created by Linus Torvalds. It is the most popular OS for web servers and is also used by millions of developers across the world.

There are many different flavours, or distributions, of Linux. These include Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Centos and many more. Instead of focusing on a particular distribution, or distro, this course looks at tools which are available across different distros and which can be used from the command line (CLI). Linux installations often come with many of these tools included. Another strength of Linux is that it is also easy to install additional software with a package manager such as ‘apt’ or ‘yum’.

Some of the topics you will cover include:


Learn about the Linux terminal and why it's so useful.
All the basics you need to learn for moving around the filesystem on the command line.
Getting help on Linux with the ‘man pages’ and where else to look.