Removal and processing of a header (and potentially trailer) as data moves up the network stack is referred to as ...

1. Disassembly.

2. Same layer interaction.

3. Decapsulation or de-encapsulation.

4. Encapsulation.

Decapsulation or de-encapsulation.

The wrapping of data with a header, and potentially trailer, is referred to as ...

1. Framing

2. Same layer interaction

3. Decapsulation

4. Encapsulation


Which of the following is the term for a Transport layer Protocol Data Unit (PDU)?

1. Block

2. Frame

3. Packet

4. Segment


HTTP's reliance on TCP to provide a reliable connection is an example of ...

1. The link layer.

2. Adjacent layer interaction.

3. A connectionless protocol.

4. Same layer interaction.

Adjacent layer interaction.